The Green’s Charter.

From the Green’s Charter.
A> To ensure that human activity respects the integrity of ecosystems and does not impair biodiversity and ecological resilience of life-supporting systems.
B< To encourage the development of a consciousness that respects the value of all life.

Our local Greens need to clear up publically their position on the use of herbicides on public land in this Shire. How long until the phase out of herbicide use ?

Workshop – Byron Bay, NSW – Saturday 13 December 2014
A workshop will be held from 1.30pm to 4.30pm in Byron Bay, which will explore how communities in the Northern Rivers region might be able to use a local law making approach to assert community and nature’s rights. More details will be available soon – but if you have any questions, please email

Monash University environmental scientist and The Weed’s Network founder Dr David Low is passionate about a sustainable, viable and creative future in our relationship with weeds. Dr. Low believes that through a spirit of willing exploration we can foster ways to better understand weeds, so they become a resource we can manage with environment and future generations in mind.

The Weed’s Network ( provides evidence-based information for innovative ways of thinking about, engaging with and managing weeds sustainably. The Weed’s Network publishes The Weed’s News, a place to hear the latest about weed research and share information about weed management and/or prevention, delivered direct to your email address once a fortnight.

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