The Year people started to stand up.

A recent headline I saw, “The Year the People Stood Up”, represented a rather hopeful beginning for the New Year. China and the US, accepting that as the world’s number one emitters of CO2, they have to dramatically reduce their out-puts. With the hottest year ever recorded it will be even harder for the sceptics to keep their heads held high. Our PM too will have to catch up if he wants to remain in politics. Renewable energy had another record year and in the US, solar accounted for 53% of new energy capacity in the first 6 months of 2014.
(See previous posts link to Beijing’s air quality.)

On our local level, it is glyphosate ( round-up ), the herbicide with its damaging effect that is gathering pace in more people’s awareness. As some want to “tidy up” the sides of the road and remove nectar producing introduced trees, with the injection and spraying of industrial strength glyphosate, more land holders/guardians are resisting. It is an odd contradiction in modern Australia, with most private gardens packed with “introduced species” and to which our remaining fauna have adapted, to those amongst us who want to poison anything they perceive to be “not belonging “. How about harvesting the road-side to feed all the leisure horses that require massive amounts of imported hay, complete with seeds, to keep them alive ?

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