An upset.

On January 2nd, a lone koala was sitting next to the hen-house beneath a lomandra plant. Obviously ill and when I attempted to inspect it’s body for injury, it screamed in pain. Flies were already settling around its face. After a droplet of water or two from a syringe, it died a few hours later at mid-night.

Before its funeral, I searched its body for injury, initially thinking it could have been attacked by a dog. No evidence of bites or fur removal. But there was a dark staining around its hind leg with an abrasion restricted to one small area. Other ways, it looked well nourished and its fur was not dull.

If any-one has any knowledge as to what could have caused this koala’s demise……… please e-mail me at

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  1. Sad to have one of our forest friends die in such a strange way. Go detective Don


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