Toured the valley.

Talking with many people at the Mullumbimby Farmers Market yesterday, I heard how varied the rain fall was on the night and early morning of the new year. Gauges registered from 40 mls here to 400 mls in the next valley. Left Bank Road still had water running through its numerous pot holes and causeways had sections washed down the creeks. 10 cars were lost at a country hall where the locals were celebrating New Year. Two certified organic properties are having to start again, just as I did following the cyclone that passed over this property a couple of years ago.
Where the coral trees have been poisoned along the Upper Wilson Creek road, it was pure luck the rain-fall did not create a flood as it did in the next valley. If so these poisoned coral trees would fall, taking with them a considerable section of the bank and possibly the causeway on the public road.

A local Mullumbimby business is now employing Gary, to hand weed the car park and verges. A great development as more people are saying no to herbicides in public places.

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  1. Nadia de Souza Pietramale

    Tell Gary to spray the grasses with white vinegar, it works perfectly


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