To Council.

Dear Mayor.

As you are probably aware the herbicide debate has gathered momentum following the Echo’s article and the resulting letters to the editor.

Due to the glyphosated jumpseed already re sprouting along the verges of Huonbrook Road I have the names of 4 people who are willing to work along-side myself and 2 other local land-holders to mattock and bag the unwanted plant with-out resorting to using anything other than physical labour.

As I have crowd funded my herbicide free project here at 607 Huonbrook Road I have allocated one thousand dollars, from my fund of $10,000, to pay the 4 workers $25 an hour to work along-side myself and the other land-holders. The land-holders will donate their time as supervisors. I estimate a total of 30 hours will be required with follow ups as needed.

My only concern is insurance and legitimacy from Council due to it being public land.

Can you advise or direct me to whom I can talk to regarding our issues ?

Thank-you and I await your reply.

Hi Donald. Fantastic commitment and solution based approach. I’ll forward this to staff and CC you in to make the link. Please keep me in the loop and let me know if things stall. Regards, Simon.

Cr. Simon Richardson

Mayor, Byron Shire Council
0427 076 834


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