Hello and happy new year for all Tyagarah residents and other chemical free landcare people!

Please help to promote this event.
We will again meet on Saturday 17th.January.2014 to work on the Tyagarah dunes to remove Bitou Bush.
We aim to mainly pull seedlings to prevent new growth. The areas in which the Bitou had been removed, are thriving with lots of native vegetation emerging.
It is a fun day for young and old and a good exercise for the body. Please wear boots, long sleeve shirt and long pants, a hat, gloves and bring water to drink, picnic and beach gear.
Might see you on Saturday 9:00am – 12:30pm

Aparimit, Gerd Kuhlmann
[Bayside Leader 20 Jan 2014] — A sporting site in Melbourne is being used for a weed-tackling treatment that doesn’t contain herbicides. A group of green thumbs have used steam to kill weeds, instead of applying chemicals. The Weed Network’s Dr David Low said they were trialling the method at Bayside Council sites. He said they had been researching chemical-free methods for working with weeds for five years. “We have been working with Bayside Council to introduce steam weeding as an alternative to herbicide in sensitive sites used heavily by children, for example for athletics,” Dr Low said. He said a survey exploring attitudes towards herbicide use has found that 78 per cent per cent of people who used them believed they contributed to pollution. Dr Low said the findings showed a majority of people were worried about the health and environmental effects of herbicides. “People are recognising that the chemicals commonly used to manage weeds are causing pollution and health issues. They want something done to reduce this source of pollution,” he said. [Photo: The Weed Network’s Dr David Low is coordinating a project where they steam weeds, rather than using herbicides

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