A 2012 photo of a butterfly.

Yesterday was a day for the butterflies in the garden. After attempting to get a decent photograph of an Orchard Swallowtail, impossible, I spotted Monarchs, Blue Triangles, Ringed Xenica and what could have been a Richmond Birdwing. Really an exciting day for butterflies.

Most of us, who live close to the ground, know by observation ( and how I wish I had time to closely monitor on paper what I see ) that there is a considerable reduction in numbers within insects, bird and butterflies populations. Climate change will be playing a huge part but the increasing use of round-up in this Shire will also be contributing.

DR VANDANA SHIVA is a scientist, ecologist, author and winner of the Sydney Peace Prize. She also featured in the documentary “Dirt!”. In celebration of 2015, the Year of the Soil, Dr Vandana Shiva will give a talk on the importance of seed freedom and food democracy for the future of our food and land. Dr Shiva will also address the US human trials of GM banana. Watch Dr Vandana’ Shiva’s New Year message: “We are all seeds. In 2015, the Year of Soil, let us grow, together!” Find out more about Dr Vandana Shiva at http://vandanashiva.com, http://www.navdanya.org and http://seedfreedom.info.

Foot-note. Australian farmer now cultivating so called weeds for food. http://www.smh.com.au/environment/farmer-cultivates-a-relationship-with-weeds-20120312-1uwes.html

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