And what a week it has been. Rain stopped except for some spectacular lightening some nights. Garden vegetables, screaming as pumpkins, cucumbers strangled them as the latters accelerated their growth, as conditions were favourable. So the last 2 days, a maximum of 12 hours liberating the tomatoes, celery, kale from the rampaging vines.

And a fulfilled carpet snake amongst it all.

And then there is bureaucracy. Council want me to do a days induction course, 70ks away, to be told how to put road signs out when we do the herbicide-free removal of the jump-seed at the edge of our road. Council already has road work signs in place where we are working, but then its the left arm not knowing what the right arm is doing. Normal.

Carmi turned 50 and we danced. What a fantastic evening. Perfect venue, Lismore Bowling Club. DJ, who played too loud for the first two hours, we were all greeting and catching up, our voices were hoarse for us country folk the next day. A table of raw food and some Italian dried foods. A bar with 4 on tap beers, I rarely drink beer but enjoyed two schooners of a tasty cool bitter. The Rainbow community was out in full, to honour Carmi along with her nursing colleagues from Lismore Base Children’s Ward where Carmi nurses. 2 perfectly smooth bowling greens in front of us and we all resisted taking our shoes off and performing an impromptu ballet on the grass.

Photo is of my truest sister, Lil and her son Michael as I tried to get a perfect photo as we danced.

Happy 50 Carmi, we all love you dearly, all those children in Childrens wards in Lismore Base Hospital love you too.

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  1. Jane

    Great shot they are both grinning from ear to ear..


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