Catalyst, Bellbirds, Lyrebirds, Coral trees.

Birds. Bellbirds and how they are moving out of valleys as logging opens up large swathes of destroyed understorey which then creates a new habitat for them to thrive in. Driving out other birds they then feed on sap sucking
psyllids allowing the psyllids to profligate who then go on to sicken trees which are then highly vulnerable to borer,fungal infections ect. Another discovery on the programme is how lyre birds, which I have living on this property, turn over vast amounts of understory leaf litter and soil which reduces the risk of bush fire.

Below is a photo I took this morning of a stump of a coral tree I cut down 4 years ago and have continued to remove any regrowth coming from it. This year it has completely succumbed, a validation of the herbicide-free approach.


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