Ockhams Razor and more from Radio National, ABC. radio.

Well worth a listen and the real threat of phyllids which is wiping 1000s of citrus trees through-out the world.

Botanist and writer Professor David Mabberley takes us through the remarkable and little known history of citrus fruit. This is not just about oranges, but all other types of citrus: tracking how they grow, where they grow and how they originated and why they’re good for us.

Following I listened to Back-ground briefing, on the bunker fuel cruise liners burn while anchored in port in Sydney. Pollution, equivalent to 1000s of vehicle emission’s pour into the air through heavily populated areas. Programme emphasises how impotent the EPA is.


And for the public good. 900 lobbyists in Canberra, 30 for each cabinet ministers and who mainly come from business.

Achieving happiness through science
Is science the enemy of myth and magic?
All well worth listening to again through-out the next week.

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