A wet week-end.

Sunday morning, the vegetable garden had at least 12 small birds feasting on caterpillars which were munching on the kale. From yellow breasted robins to blue fairy wrens ect. A kingfisher swooped by and dived into the frog pond. Quite a spectacle and so difficult to photograph but after 30 pictures, the above one was the best of a blurry lot.

A very wet week-end so a good opportunity to recover from a chest infection. Rereading Bruce Chatwin and his fascinating collection of essays titled “What am I doing Here”….. something I sometimes ask myself. Particular informative are his visits to Cameroon ,Ghana in 1977 and although Chatwin states in his introduction, all his stories in this collection are taken from fragments, profiles and travelogues and should be judged by the dates when he wrote them, they are stories. The one exception was his reportage from being on the road with Indira Gandhi, written in 1978.
Nomad Invasions, written in 1972, has a present day parallel with the movement of refugees world wide.

Also relieved to read this weekend of the findings internationally on the health impacts of round-up, made more poignant by Australian story on ABC24 which told of Steve Marsh’s battle when his certified organic farm was contaminated with a neighbour’s GM canola. When Marsh purchased the property it had been contaminated with herbicides and not a bird to be seen. His very sound and responsible reason to transition into being Certified Organic.


Below is a site which I cleared with machetes and brush-hooks in 1998. Now a dense rainforest it is home to a variety of birds. It is a delight to stand quietly beneath the canopy, the freshness of the smell as the delicate warm scent of the cunjevoi momentarily reaches my senses.

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  1. Luke

    Love that last photo showing natural regen. How my personal regen patch looks like after nearly 20 years. Once you get it to a certain stage, nature does the rest. The bird life on your property must be incredible!!


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