Walked out at 5 30. Still very dark, torched fluttered from full beam to dim. I dodged the pot holes. Glow worms high on the road side bank. Chris gave me a lift to the end of the gravel. 6.15, still dark. Walked through our jump-seed weeding zone. Trying to see where we might of missed some. Torch no use.

Town by 7.30, breakfast and people. Sunny and warm. Found a collection of Australian and New Zealand Short stories. Good to have new stories for rainy days.
Mail-run with Jayne. Always a laugh and radio. Left Bank Road with its edges in parts recently sprayed. Fence lines, road signs, drain edges, visible water distinctly murky.
poisoned Felt sad about the above site. Only sprayed 6 months ago too.
With WHO and the Lancet sounding the alarms bells over glyphosate and other chemicals in every-day use, why the delay in stopping our use from today on.


Passed beneath a grove of Camphor Laurels which had five black cockatoos, 2 minors, cavorting through the branches. We watched as it was a flying lesson for the young. From branch to branch the adult was followed by its chick. Lorikeets too, feeding on the seed. A very busy canopy, nursery school and food larder.

Further in the day Upper Wilson Creek provided more contrast. A dead coral tree, blackening like it has gangrene after getting an injection of poison. The land-care workers sitting along-side the plastic containers of herbicide. Poisoned Coral trees disintegrating trunks and branches waiting to be washed downstream. Banks benneath need stabilising with lomandra now.

And then, another crossing or two covered in rushing water…… this .

Made an already eventful day very satisfying and a good sleep followed.


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2 responses to “Adventure.

  1. Magnificent day, WHO rates glyphosate as 2A cancer forming! That is an authority to be heard world wide.
    Love you posts Don, thank you so much for keeping it up.


  2. Jane

    I love hearing about your early morning walks and lifts into town. Love the photo of the Kingfisher. X


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