Greens win Ballina and Lismore.

canopy of contrast

canopy of contrast

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Good news to see both Ballina and Lismore wrested from the Nationals.

But it will be a tough road ahead. We will have to unite on the fluoride and herbicide use fronts. But if we are genuinely committed to the environment we can progress in a better way on so many pressing issues. We need cadets for Herbicide free work working alongside experience.

Good week. Garden finally being added to with seeds and transplanting. Great to get back into the plants. Leeches galore and yesterday, when we were doing the follow-up of the jump-seed, I had two leeches on my eye lids. Luckily I brushed one off and Jayne picked the other off. Odd coincidence, both eyes. We brought back 6 grain bags of pulled regrowing and some, flowering, jumpseed. If we had waited for ‘the powers that be’ we would have never achieved pull out before it started throwing its seed.

Lots of sweet pineapples too. Ginger and turmeric swelling ready for early harvest. Ideal time to candy the ginger due to it being so tender. Tamarillos are ripening and the avocado tree gave me 2 ripe fruit.

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