Ginger and a petition,

Ginger looking so good with the continuing rain.


Scientists just linked Monsanto’s pesticides to cancer. It’s huge news that could lead to a ban – but not if Monsanto can silence the scientists. The World Health Organisation head has taken on big tobacco – let’s get her to stand up to these corporate bullies and stop Monsanto tampering with the truth:


Monsanto’s most popular pesticide could cause cancer! It’s ground-breaking news that could take the chemical killer off our shelves — but Monsanto is trying to get the new report withdrawn. We need to stop them from silencing science that could protect us all!

Right now the EU & US are reviewing evidence to decide if RoundUp’s main ingredient is safe — which is why Monsanto is demanding the World Health Organisation retract their report. If they succeed — regulators are almost certain to give RoundUp the green light again. That’s where we come in.

The head of the WHO has a great track-record tackling Big Tobacco, but is coming under enormous pressure. If we show her citizens everywhere stand with the scientists, she’ll have the public support she needs to take Monsanto on. Click here to sign this crucial petition now and tell Monsanto to stop trying to silence science that could protect us all:

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