Easter Rain and mist.

Rain has determined my Easter break. Grant visited and a flooded access out saw him staying.
I made my first pumpkin soup of the harvest. I baked the pumpkin on high heat along with mild chillies. Sauted 2 large onions and 4 cloves of garlic in olive oil, combined with the pumpkin and pureed. Salt and pepper. Delicious, more so for me because I had this idea the pumpkins would be bland due to their quick growth and lack of sun.

Native strawberry.

Today though, Easter Monday, is promising to be fine so the week long washing on the line can now dry.

Mistakenly removed this spider’s web but with-in minutes it had climbed back to its ruined web and started re webbing.
Learnt a lot about the Great Australian Fly…….30,000 different flies indigenous to Australia. A fantastic pollinator in the garden and scrupulous clean in their personal habits.

Enjoyed this programme, hope you do too.



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