Week-ending Easter.

Another week gone. Busy week. Lil stayed and helped me get started on the domestics. She scrubbed the bath-room and its looks like it has been freshly painted.

Garden week and more physical work due to a lovely cool change.
Butterflies are flitting about in the garden, many varieties and I was able to get a clear photo of this beautiful Orchard Swallowtail.

Pumpkin soup beginnings.

I roasted on high heat, rosemary, chillie and turmeric along with the pumpkin. Sauted the onions separately in oil and added to oven bake 5 minutes before I turned the high heat off.

Ready to puree or serve as is.

Every reason to support and consume Certified Organic Food.

A safety net for monitoring chemicals in Australia’s domestic food has been axed by the Federal Government, the ABC has discovered. Government reports have identified significant gaps and deficiencies in Australia’s agricultural chemical residue produce monitoring, as testing varies in each state and territory. The Labor government established a $25 million, five-year pilot in 2013 for a National Produce Monitoring System, which aimed to give consumers confidence and act as a vital safeguard. The system was scrapped in the finer detail of last year’s budget. “[It was] $25 million we were prepared to spend on what I think was a program of great merit,” Labor’s agriculture spokesman Joel Fitzgibbon said. “We are living in an environment where there is no bigger issue than food safety and I think the Government has some questions to answer.” A spokesman for Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce argued it was not the Federal Government’s responsibility and that the axing was a savings measure.

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