Tamarillo/tree tomato.

Follow-up removal of resprouting jump-seed in our herbicide free effort…. to avoid more Council Contractors spraying…. has been postponed due to a couple of showers at 7 am. So to avoid the leeches in damp outside working conditions, I am making tree tomato chutney/sauce today instead.

3 kilos tree tomatoes, scooped out of their skins with a teaspoon.

3 large onions, garlic optional.

4 apples, peeled, cored and chunked.

2 tablespoons of grated fresh ginger or tablespoon of dried.

1 teaspoon (5 ml ) each of salt and pepper.

1 tablespoon ( 20 ml) of chilli powder or 6 bell chillies, finally chopped with seed to get the heat.

3 ( approx 750 ml ) cups of brown or white sugar.

3 (750 ml ) of cider or white vinegar.

Place and combine all ingredients into large pot or boiler. Slowly bring to the boil stirring occasionally. Once to the boil reduce heat to a gentle simmer. I place a couple of glass marbles ( my Mother taught me this ) into the pot to prevent the mixture catching. After 60 to 90 minutes and after observing the texture of the mixture turn the heat off and let stand. In the meantime prepare and sterilize the glass jars and lids. Decant mixture into jars, let cool then place lids on firmly. Ready to impress within a couple of weeks.

Thanks to various chutney recipes which I combined with what I had in the larder and garden.

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  1. Nadia de Souza Pietramale

    Thank you for sharing, I am planting a lots of tamarillo at the school and will be able to do it in the future, lots of love


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