Crazy appointment.

The Abbott government has found 4 million dollars to fund the climate sceptic, Bjorn Lomborg, who quite often doesn’t even make sense in his speeches, to head a consensus centre at the University of Western Australia. I read this morning that the University is cooling on the appointment. It is hard to believe when the people of Australia have seen real science funding severely slashed by this present day government and when other heavy emitters, like China and the USA, challenged us this week on our head in the sand attitude to climate change. But as the seriously heavy rainfall we are seeing more of, when our fragile and remaining topsoil become silt and is being washed off the land like we have never seen before, its becoming more obvious our politicians are in it for the short haul, both for the country and themselves.

And on a brighter note the tamarillos are continuing to ripen beautifully for more home-made chutneys and sauces.

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