Rain and more rain.

Unexpected heavy rain which has changed  the week’s work plan, with the forecast promising gales to follow. I have bunkered down and while I have electricity and phone connection, I have baked bread and biscuits, made more tamarillo and pumpkin sauce and caught up with e mails. Also have begun to read “THE BUSH” by Don Watson, a former Australian Prime Minister’s speech writer. Don Watson penned Paul Keatings Famous reconciliation speech given in Redfern to the  Aboriginal People. Already I am hooked, what a beautiful and concise writer made more poignant in parts from ones own childhood memories growing up in the country on a dairy farm and where the indigenous people did not count.

Although now, when we read that the Western Australian Government is withdrawing services to many outback Aboriginal Communities, I doubt whether we have made any progress while mining interests rule and determine who governs.more-tamarillo-and-pumpkin-sauce And Don Watson’s Book. Don-Watson

From a previous post:

Don Watson’s new book http://www.abc.net.au/radionational/programs/bushtelegraph/don-watson/5788052 ( The Bush travels in the Heart of Australia, ) is about to be released. Watson spoke on Radio National where he outlined our fragmented relationship with the land compared to the Aboriginal People’s cosmology of the land…… .to how we treat the soil to what we put into our water ect ect.
A must read.

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