Wednesday 6.

Time is rushing by and with the cooler weather, its an ideal time to work longer hours in the gardens and clear up following the week-end storm. Pumpkins by the score and although watery when baked, they are sweeter than I thought they would be. Ideal in soup.
I baked on high heat until brown….. SautĂ© onions, ginger and garlic chives in oil or butter…. add the baked pumpkin with enough vegetable stock to just cover the pumpkin…. Bring to a boil for 2 minutes…… Puree and serve.


After hauling branches for two days, clearing my access, I was ready for Carmi’s visit. We watched Dallas Buyers Club on DVD. Acting was incredibly real, from the doctors to the main characters, especially Jared Leno. It brought back many memories for me and for Carmi. We have both nursed close friends.

Carmi makes me laugh and we laughed most of her 2 day visit. From her work in a Children’s Ward, from which comes a heart wrenching reality. The expectations expected from nurses on the front-line and the many aspects of their work general hospital auditors have no idea of.

That’s why we enjoy a bottle of wine or two.

We ended the night dancing to Emile Sander and Pink.

We took selfies too.

And while having lunch this beautiful antechinus watched us from above.

While sex took place on the vase next to us.

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