From our Organic Certifier.

Australian Organic taking action for farmers and consumers on GMOs
Australian Organic will always fiercely defend our members’ organic farming activities, be a leader in protecting consumer interest and deliver non GMO organic products.

Over past weeks some potentially libellous and patently wrong claims have suggested we want to permit GMOs in organic. This is ironic given our organisation is at the forefront of ensuring that organic products remain non GMO.

These changes DO NOT allow for GMOs to be present in any certified organic products or crops. These changes simply allow for us to protect our farmers should a situation arise.

GMOs have no part in organic farm systems. This is etched into each and every organic standard worldwide.

We deliver on this via our audits, testing, and occasionally in decertifying products not found to be in compliance with this. This will continue with a zero tolerance for GMOs in Australian Certified Organic products that consumers purchase.

The growing presence of GMOs in Australia has forced our industry to begin to face what is unfortunately common internationally. Our local farmers are now facing the potential for genetic flow of GMOs onto their own farm system.

Australian Organic is fighting to ensure our standards remain:

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