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Pesticide Action Network
The latest news about Monsanto’s RoundUp underscores the need for real and lasting food system change.

You’ve probably heard the news. A few weeks ago, global health experts announced that glyphosate, the key ingredient in Monsanto’s RoundUp, is a probable human carcinogen.

It’s the ultimate example of the “pesticide treadmill” that farmers across the country have been facing for years. A pesticide stops working, or is found to be more harmful than originally thought. Another chemical is brought in to replace it — and when the next round of problems arise, yet another.

Let’s get off this treadmill! » It’s time to put a stop to this dangerous cycle. That’s why — with your help — we work to reduce reliance on chemicals that put farmers, workers, land-care workers and volunteers and rural communities at risk, and spur investments in agroecology.

And from Sum of Us:

This is the deal that could create the ultimate super villain. Monsanto wants to launch a takeover bid of its key competitor Syngenta, one of the biggest pushers of bee-killing pesticides in the world. The new megacorp would boast a combined revenue of $30 billion and control over 35% of the world’s seed supply.

Imagine this: Monsanto eliminates one of its biggest competitors and tightens its grip on the global farming industry. Our precious wildlife like bees, birds, and butterflies suffer as Monsanto spreads its pesticides further and wider. More and more small-scale farmers are bullied if they refuse to buy Monsanto’s seeds.

The deal’s not sealed and we can stop this now. Syngenta shareholders have already rejected Monsanto’s initial $45 billion offer, but Monsanto’s planning a new offer. Anti-trust regulators in the US and Europe are already skeptical of big corporate mergers, and have the power to stop this. With strong, targeted pressure from a concerned public, we can make this deal unravel.

Tell European and US regulators to stop this ridiculous takeover.

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