Magna Carta.

Salisbury and its magnificent cathedral (1220 foundation stone laid ) where I viewed one of the 4 surviving texts of  Magna Carta, the famous agreement between King John ( absolute power ) and the Barons of Runnymede in 1215. In Latin and written up on calf skin it is a beautiful document to view. The sealing of the Charter was a victory for the rule of law and established, amongst other things, that no free man may be imprisoned or prosecuted with-out fair trail before his equals. Wow, with Australian media reporting  Magna Carta celebrations in the UK, I wonder if any of our politicians review the plight of the refugees imprisoned in our many detention centres off and on shore. And the arbitrary decisions some of our ministers of the crown wish to make with-out the oversight of the House and Senate or our Courts.
How our pm is being seen overseas.

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