From George Monibot.

I wonder what Tony Abbott will say, our Catholic PM, who is a climate sceptic………..with senior Catholics now seeking to undermine the pope’s defence of the living world in the leaked encyclical .The formal encyclical will be published today.

But nothing about over-population and contraceptives in the pope’s words. Watched Dateline on SBS TV….. where they documented Philippine families of 6 or more children desperately trying to survive, searching for grains of gold in extremely dangerous conditions. All Catholics and in dire poverty as their living environment is poisoned with arsenic and the soil lost.

From George Monibot in the Guardian.
There are similar tendencies within the Vatican. Cardinal George Pell, its head of finance, currently immersed in a scandal involving paedophile priests in Australia, is a prominent climate change denier. His lecture to the Global Warming Policy Foundation was the usual catalogue of zombie myths (discredited claims that keep resurfacing), nonsequiturs and outright garbage championing, for example, the groundless claim that undersea volcanoes could be responsible for global warming. There are plenty of senior Catholics seeking to undermine the pope’s defence of the living world, which could explain why a draft of his encyclical was leaked. What I mean is that Pope Francis, a man with whom I disagree profoundly on matters such as equal marriage and contraception, reminds us that the living world provides not only material goods and tangible services, but is also essential to other aspects of our wellbeing. And you don’t have to believe in God to endorse that view.

And there are a couple of our local Councillors, global warming sceptics and vetoing important decisions. Rock walls at Belongil, which ratepayers will be paying for, to protect, in the short term, a couple or so houses when we were told as early as 1988 that sea level rise will encroached on the same land. At the same time our hinterland roads are in a state of severe neglect which is costing vehicle owners in more than a financial way.

And in Canberra, where the chosen ones dither and tie each other into knots as the political parties strive to compete with the opinion polls.

On a much more harmonious note, a photo from the garden this morning.

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