Helen Clark.

Watched Obama and Attenborough’s interviewing each other last night and heard the first mention, publically, of over-population and our trashing of the planet.
Also aware of the conference in Auckland talking about the rise of the oceans and the resulting dislocation of Pacific Islanders. Listen and watch Helen Clark, one of NZ’s more realistic PM of late, talk about refugees and how most of our fore bears migrated due to poverty.

At last reason coming from the Supreme Court in the USA……..guaranteeing marriage equality in 50 states, Obama Care which gives health cover to low income citizens and a scrutiny of the death penalty.
Watch and listen……https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iW3LlGiWwnQisten to one of the finest eulogies ever given by a public figure.
Come on Australia, come on. Where are the leaders??????

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