Sprinting into July with days when the sun actually stays shining. Harvesting the last of the prolific Yacon….8 kilos of tubers off one plant. yacon-harvest Reading Malka Marom……… in conversation with Joni Mitchell……… Titled…….. ‘IN HER OWN WORDS’…. Joni suffers from a very rare disease called Morgellons and when she talks about her illness she describes it…….. ‘ Morgellons is a body snatcher. The invasion of the body snatchers (she laughs). My body is like the earth. What we have done to the earth by overpopulating it, this disease has done the same to my body, by overpopulating it.’

They paved paradise And put up a parking lot   “Big Yellow Taxi”.

We are stardust, We are golden And we have got to get ourselves Back to the garden   “Woodstock”.

Joni recently suffered an aneurysm, press releases as to her condition are as varied and wide ranging as the many reviews she has had during her career as a composer, writer, poet, singer, dancer and artist.

We’re captive on the carousel of time

we can’t return,

we can only look behind

From where we came

And go round and round and round In the circle game.

Thank-you Joni Mitchell. You’ve supported and comforted many of us during your fantastic contribution to humanity.

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