Technology and me.

A busy working week added to with the phone out when-ever it rained. Finally, Thursday I helped the Telstra lone worker replace 100 metres of damaged line. Amazed at the safety aspects with just one worker attending to the servicing of rented telephone lines. I held ladders, pulled through line and sawed branches. I imagine the same will happen when the electricity lines are privatised. One worker on the ground whereas there are 2 at least now. Time to get independent completely from the grid.


Technically a dismal week. Windows 10 I still do not have a complete handle on. I can not seem to post any of the week’s photos on here so I am disappointed at that. My new camera I am not satisfied with so am thinking of finding a new Canon digital which I have used before and been very pleased with.


But on a herbicide-free regeneration effort my 2 workers and I layered a lot of lantana and transplanted a dozen red cedar tree seedlings. Looking good too as the red cedars transplanted weeks ago already have new spring leaves.


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