Welcome Spring.


Present work-site. Fantastic working weather coinciding with September 1. Goanna’s and snakes are making their presence felt and with 2 recently purchased pullets it is an alert time until they learn. Swallows and bower birds very busy.
Cool during the night still.

The slashed and layered lantana …….. into which we are transplanting red cedar seedlings that we find along-side our walking track. Already thirty moved and more to come. They transplant happily if watered for a week. Thistle is plentiful as is the corky passion vine.


Stephen is my Tuesday worker and has adapted so well to the conditions here. Its hard labor and soon we will have to start at day break to avoid the heat. Lots of water and mandarins.



First photos i have posted from the Fujifilm camera. An exercise still challenging my patience adapting to Windows 10.

And with the debate on euthanasia fermenting here in Australia, an interesting read.



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