November 14th, Wilson Creeks Hall Book Fair.


I started to unload my library from the shelves, to collect books for the fair. It is so hard, the covers, remembering when you read them and the satisfaction that book gave you. Will I read them again?………………. I want to…….. to see if they hold for me now to what they gave to me then.

There is Roald Dahl, Bill Bryson, The Inner Courtyard, stories from Indian women, Allen Bennett and many more. Suitcases of books I dare not open because only 2 books will be dispatched to the fair.

Then there is my LP collection. 100s, most with covers deserving to be framed. Reproductions of all of the masters in oils, beautifully reprinted on the LP cover.

So, come to the Book Fair day on November 14th. Already a variety of books have been collected and some I will refill my book case gaps with.

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