Another 50 mls of rain.

The garden is running away from me, even after 2 hours this morning, cutting and mulching lemon grass and comfrey. The temperature’s are set to rise dramatically so today will be devoted  to getting much of the exposed soil covered.


Lots of hidden vegetables beneath the extraordinary growth so I am finding enough to complete a jar or two of Vegetable Preserve. Inspired by Vasili’s From the Garden to Kitchen book I found at our successful book fair last Saturday.

Mixed vegetables, chopped or whole. I have carrots, courgettes, tomato, garlic, onions,chilli and what ever else I find today.

2 litres of water.

Half a litre of white vinegar

Sea salt and the juice of a lemon to hold the vegetables colour.

Bring the water, vinegar, salt and lemon juice to the boil. Cool. Place the vegetables in a sterilised jar. Fill jars with the cooled brine and seal tightly.

Vasiili’s gardening show on TV some years ago was one of the most inspiring gardening shows I have ever watched. His enthusiasm was infectious.





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2 responses to “Another 50 mls of rain.

  1. I think everyones garden is getting away from them a bit at the moment – mine is absolutely frantic and full of late! Am I right in saying this vegetable preserve is kind of pickling the veggies? How would you eat them?


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