A gentle happy Oskar has gone to hen heaven.


Oskar…………………………..photo by Rodney Weidland.


Cilia and Poppy.


Dear Donald

Wow. I’m so grateful for your contribution!

In less than three hours, we reached our goal of $40,000 to fund ACF’s legal challenge to the approval of the Carmichael coal mine. With your generosity, we are delighted to be able to cover the initial fees for this momentous legal challenge.

But it didn’t stop there. Over 24 hours we received a huge groundswell of support and the donations kept flowing in.

Thank you. You’ve shown how much you want a world without coal mines that make climate change worse and irreversibly damage the Great Barrier Reef.

Thanks to your generous donation, we will be able to run a strong campaign to stop this mine, grow clean energy and create a national plan to protect nature.

Thousands of people chipped in, many for the first time ever, so this will truly be a people-powered campaign.

Since we filed in the Federal Court last week, there have been new revelations about Carmichael mine impacts and Adani in the media:



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One response to “A gentle happy Oskar has gone to hen heaven.

  1. Jane

    Been thinking about you and Oskar darl. Much love xoxoxo


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