Power outages……..jump seed determined to survive and a lot more.

Jump-seed, a photo taken yesterday on the verge of the public road. Vigorous growth from seed and the sprayed site.


What an extraordinary determined plant this jump-seed is. I isolated one clump from our weeding effort 8 months ago, which had been sprayed with glyphosate. I placed it in a metal bowl and into the direct sun whenever I could. After forgetting to bring it under cover 2 weeks ago and the bowl filling with rain water,  I noticed 2 tiny buds sprouting this morning.

Below, the photo shows a poisoned Coral tree fallen into the running Wilson’s Creek.


A couple of years ago I read an article in NATURE that morning glory, the flower in the photo below, had important qualities as it was proven it had de contaminating properties. As it tends to grow well here in old tick dipping sites, it is doing the repair job for us.


My dinner and dance gathering was thwarted last night with another power failure. Luckily I had lots of candles so we still had a lovely dinner of cole slaw, stuffed mushrooms and lentil vegetable casserole.






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