Crowd funding.

Do you know anyone who would like to support workers who can not work with herbicides? Or someone who has had a significant carbon foot print and would like to create a balance?

$30 an hour to  plant trees after the hard labour of slash, pull and mulching lantana ?  Already  100 hours of labour wages has been raised and with another 200 hours that will be needed to regenerate 3 hectares, I am optimistic we will get there.

A big thank-you to everyone who has already contributed………………. from our flora and fauna and particularly the water run off that has not been polluted by herbicide run off.

An exciting winter work season ahead which you have supported and encouraged.



Grasshopper fast food area. The mass of mustard flowers and zinnias have attracted the grasshopper population and have segregated them from the wider garden leaving other vegetables alone.


Read the introduction to Fred Pearce’s The New Wild.

The New Wild

Author…..   Fred Pearce…..    Publisher Icon Books (2015) ISBN9781848318342   Description … Why invasive species will be nature’s salvation


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2 responses to “Crowd funding.

  1. asa

    hi don,
    just letting you know that your crowd funding link doesn’t open up. it’s entered twice [repeated] in your post and goes to a ‘fault’ page.
    all the best for 2016!


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