Garden catch-up.

Pruning mainly, scraggly over hangs. Excellent garden morning. Hour stints during which a variety of surprises were found. Parsnip’s flowering, really happy about fresh seed  that should follow.  Pumpkins and courgettes, pumping up,  growing so fast its as if its a race between each other plant. Avocadoes doing very well with most fruit low hanging therefore easy to harvest. Butterflies, a large black and white beauty darting, with great precision, through the citrus trees and with such a speed it would be great to film. It reached heights of the second canopy of border trees, inspecting it seemed for nectar. Finally it came back down to garden level and settled on this courgette flower. Try photographing , impossible for me.


Near the site where the male koala came to die this time last year, this beautiful little rock stand Dean put together. For me it is a rock of peace.  Like a sleeping teddy bear.


Delighted to pick up in Denise’s fantastic book shop in town, my next book.  See pic below.

Occupied at the moment with Drusilla Modjeska”s    THE MOUNTAIN………………. New Guinea, a deeper insight than I bargained for. I have the Times Atlas out too on New Guinea’s map.

Also picked up yesterday at St Vinnie’s Op shop, Paul Auster’s,  WINTER JOURNAL. Got straight into the first 2o pages waiting for my ride. Can’t put it down.

For the next rain days.  I have been looking forward to getting this copy. His interview I heard was compelling and positive.


Table cloth is one of our organic fair day banners, weathered I resurfaced it this Christmas as a table cloth with guests colouring in and adding.


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