Town day yesterday. Extremely humid and uncomfortable at times.

A local business owner called to me that he supports our herbicide free efforts and then recounted seeing in the last weeks, contractors hosing out herbicide onto drain edges from their ute’s cabin.

So following it was a moment of relief to see Council workers hand weeding garden beds in town. The first time I have seen that after years of sprayers doing the gardening.

But soon disappointed again, to see wide-spread herbicide use along the country roads and right down into water courses. Opposite Wilson Creek School too, patches of dead foliage. Further on the sculptural skeletons of the injected with poison coral trees ( pictured below)  along the edge of Wilson Creek.  Next stage we will see the skeleton of the poisoned tree turn black and fall into the running catchment water.

Surely the same labour time to whipper snip where they spray and as I looked closely at sprayed foliage the target plants are already re sprouting.

Natural Weed Control – 5 Non-Toxic Methods You Need to Know


Another fact will be the displacement of the many nectar seeking birds that have now been deprived of an essential winter food source from the Coral tree.


Below two photos from here to cheer me up. Photo of the Coral tree flower and the Honey eater feasting taken by Rodney Weidland.




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