Environment first. Email our Councillors.

Hi Andy, I have discussed this matter in the past with you by phone. You said you were to give me an answer to my questions.  However, I have tried several times to contact you but haven’t been able be reach you

So please can you read below my concerns and answer my questions:

I am concerned that Byron Shire Council’s road-side weed management uses herbicides with glyphosate as an active ingredient. As you know, Glyphosate was registered in March 2015 by the WHO (IARC) as probably carcinogenic. Council has been informed by Statecover that there is an insurance risk and I also do not believe that your approach is safe for the public and our environment. I am specially concern with water pollution.

I am on the Council’s register for chemical sensitiveness, as I believe I am sensitive to developing cancer as this herbicide is heavily used everywhere by Council – along all roads, drains and in parks and gardens. To add to my concern, private properties and all other government agencies such Road Traffic Authority, National Parks and Wildlife Services, etc all are using this chemical.

I have been maintaining the road side in front of my property as my children play there and I do not want council to spray. However the Council Contractor still sprays around the drain sign although I have made it visible and have restored native grasses all around  (Oplismus imbecilis). This grass is very short and does not block the sign to be viewed from the road.

I also pull all weeds by hand between the kerb and the asphalt, however the Contractors still spray the area.

So my questions are:

·         *  How many litres of herbicide with Glyphosate as an active ingredient are  Council using/releasing per year into our environment?

·        *   What types of herbicides, insecticides, fungicides does council use?

·       *   Where is Council up to with the use of steaming weed control?

*  Did Council purchase a steam weed machine? What type?

·        *  What are Council’s standards regarding signs and drains maintenance? How can I meet these as I do not want any spraying in front of my property?

I am happy to meet with Council staff in front of my property to discuss this matter.

Also if you would like to improve maintenance in front my property I would appreciate if Council could deal with all the gravel and silt runoff from the property across the road. This is extreme after heavy rain and causes dangerous road erosion.

From Nadia, Byron/Brunswick Chemical free.









Shocking example of herbicide use down to the water’s edge. Left Bank Road, Mullumbimby 2482







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