Autumn in the early morning light.

Busy few days punctuated by some good news ( NSW government finally saying sorry to the 78ers, the brave gay women and men who were physically attacked by the police and vilified by the media and government for daring to demand equal rights ) and the sad news on the 7 30 report last night, 24th February, ( on Abc 1) where we heard and saw a young man who spends his time eliminating feral cats, a huge problem throughout Australia, who are  decimating our remaining wild life.  He has received hundreds of out raged cat lovers bile including death threats. Extraordinary when we are told daily  our remaining wild life is in rapid decline as the feral cat and dog population increases. All at the expense of our fauna.

This young man deserves our support. When I last ventured out after dark a few months ago I saw numerous cats on the roads I travelled over. If you ask a cat owner where was your cat last night usually the response is Oh they were asleep on the verandah.



Busy early morning here which saw me plant 10 tree seedlings on a slash and layered lantana site. Hoping for some rain tomorrow to settle them in.

Below is the carpet snake deciding to take up residence on the steps.


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