Early start.

Walked out at dawn.

Trees dotted with clusters of fluro green dim light of a fungi. Glow worms along the banks with the sound of the creek gushing down country. Kookaburras are calling. A lone rooster continues to crow.

My new head torch ( thank-you Ross) gave me a good view of the jump-seed to be removed as soon as it dries up a little. The leeches are tiny, they sting and get to places on your body that are clothes removing to unattach them.

Wonderful. Town by 7 30…………fantastic breakfast at Lulu’s. SMH in printed form. A treat. Talked to santos on support lobbying on certification fees for small growers. A start and with luck there will be a more local emphasis with a collecting service to small growers one day a week.

Hitch back, humid and the sun hot. John, a near neighbor picked me up and I was inside by 11 am.



For my English friends. One of Australia’s for most commentators, view from his visit to London.



Watching reality tv last night, a cosmetic addicted Mother and her amazing 16 year old daughter. I heard a rustle and my shopping bag, made from a sari by a Sri Lankan village, fell down from its hook and on it was this beautiful creature. Very annoyed at being disturbed by me, it hissed and sent out a fine spray. Shame the photo is not clear.



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