Carter Smith on Q@A on ABC 1.

“I think the problem is politicians are using young, innocent, in-pain children as political bullets, that is unacceptable. Kids are being hurt when they hear this entire debate about, ‘Oh, well, no we can’t really talk about that, it’s not really safe’,” the teenager said, his voice raw with passion.

“It is still creating this idea that they are different, they are wrong, that they are not accepted. That is driving kids to hurt themselves, that is driving kids to kill themselves. I know no one wants that, so it’s ridiculous that this debate has to keep going on. I actually do believe that it should be mandatory in schools because most kids aren’t bigoted, no-one is born bigoted, they learn bigotry… it is detrimental to kids’ health, so why does this have to continue? Why does the government have to push back?”

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