Easter and its sunny.

Usually we see rain this time of the year which always coincides with the Blues Festival. Town was busier than usual when I was there on Wednesday.  From Hipsters to older hippies, an older woman told me she couldn’t wait to see Tom Jones and would be throwing a certain item of clothing at him.

For me a busy weekend………………road side herbicide free weeding tomorrow, a picnic to follow and visitors here later.

I splashed out on the gentlemen’s quarterly,  GQ, to read the Australian Greens leader………Richard Natale in a question and answer section. Skimming through, it is wall to wall Advertisement for very expensive clothes, watches and perfumes. I wonder who stitched the $700 trainers matched by a leather bag at $1920. I will write more after reading his “nuanced” interview.

Below a pic of the roadside ( private) spraying next to a drain. Byron Shire. Poisoned water finding its way to the ocean.



Hello dear supporters!


Just a little email to tell you that I’m very exited, we are now almost a thousand to have signed the petition!

This is great and I can’t express how grateful I am for your help in achieving our first milestone!

So let’s keep the momentum!

Here is the link for you to share and let’s show how wrong those people are to blindly following guidelines made by an organisation (the APVMA) that receives funds from Monsanto (biggest seller of glyphosate based herbicides)!!!



Jeremy Douriaux



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