Early start.

Slept soundly, early to sleep at 8 pm and woke at 3 am.

Then tried to make pumpkin scones. I think I forgot to put raising in as they were flat and soggy. Filled them with pickle, NZ mature cheese and a slice of eggs.

Ok .

But the biscuits were more to my satisfaction.


At 7 am I cycled the 4 ks to our herbicide free road side weed.

Joined Jayne and 3 hours later we had climbed steep banks and removed the flowering jumpseed.  Amazing plant, its elegant long flower stem lined with a dark pink flower. It is beautiful and determined. Amongst the jumpseed are many introduced plants, from camphor laurel, privets, devils claw and at least another 5.  Enjoyed a great swirl of noise  while weeding, a flock of white headed pigeons flew into a camphor above me. I thought is was a jet, far over head.


The targeting of this particular plant by those who decide that herbicide is the only way to control, to me is a total waste of money,  unproductive, possibly health impacting on labor and is seriously contributing to environmental decline, both visible and invisible. The pic above is a spot that has been previously sprayed with Round-up..

Our climate change future will be determined by what grows.

Read what is happening to our Pacific Ocean, from land human practice.


And then the picnic.

Just beautiful.

Thank-you to the organizer’s.  A lot of effort, shade sites and Buddhist prayer flags, A deep swimming spot below.

A variety of picnic treats to eat.


Walked through the  beautiful paddock above, once a pineapple field, then a cricket ground, which became locally famous, to now a piece of real Estate on the market. Anyone out there who wants land………………….. some herbicide use but has been running cattle for the last years.

Looks ready for conversion to  clean organic land.


e mail me if your heart, ethics, money and your future is coinciding.

so-beautifulThis is the beautiful creek running at the property’s  edge.

The New Wild

Author…..   Fred Pearce…..    Publisher Icon Books (2015) ISBN9781848318342   Description … Why invasive species will be nature’s salvation

Veteran environmental journalist Fred Pearce used to think of invasive species as evil interlopers spoiling pristine ‘natural’ ecosystems. Most conservationists would agree. But what if traditional ecology is wrong, and true environmentalists should be applauding the invaders? In The New Wild, Pearce goes on a journey to rediscover what conservation should really be about. He explores ecosystems from Pacific islands to the Australian outback to the Thames estuary, digs into the questionable costs of invader species, and reveals the outdated intellectual sources of our ideas about the balance of nature. Keeping out alien species looks increasingly flawed. The new ecologists looking afresh at how species interact in the wild believe we should celebrate the dynamism of alien species and the novel ecosystems they create. In an era of climate change and widespread ecological damage, we must find ways to help nature regenerate. Embracing the ‘new wild’ is our best chance.



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