Friday. April 1.

Early town visit with Lil in the old ute that used to live here.

Busy 3 hours, saw 3 friends I haven’t seen for a while.

Letter from Far North Coast weeds on the Giant Devil’s fig, classified as a  Class 3 noxious weed. I chop them down to ground level when I come across them and follow up with the removal of new shoots. They succumb readily.  Easy to pull out when small, tougher as they mature due to their spikes. I tried to pull one out on a bridge coming home. Wedged between a crack in the concrete, it was impossible to remove entirely before breaking it off at the base. If poisoned, the running water beneath would be the eventual recipient.

Obviously, due to the wide spread of the Giant Devil’s Fig , it is providing food for our dwindling birds and bats.

The book I have been waiting for arrived.


With endorsement from James Lovelock.



Why do we treat our providers of protein in such a harsh, cruel way ?  Anyone who has kept hens will know they are far more savvy than is portrayed.


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  1. I’d must read that book! sounds great.


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