Days again warm with here reaching 30 degrees yesterday. Today, April 3 and the gauge is reading 30.

This morning went to the community hall and weeded the road bank which is thick with the Dianiella and lomandras we planted, mostly from seed 4 years ago. Creepers finding their way to the canopy were easily pulled along with the amazing morning glory vine.  ( Nature magazine once posted a study that found this vine was a neutralizer of poisoned soil, particularly around old tick dipping sites). The hall site was poisoned a few years ago, it was called weed control. I brought a round-up (glyphosate) painted bana grass root back here and placed it in a bucket with a couple of tadpoles.  Tadpoles dead within a day.

Opposite the hall, where the slip occurred into the Wilson Creek 4 years ago,  taking half the road away and which had been previously heavily sprayed by land-care and others, is now a dense carpet of morning glory vine.

I would like to get some decent studies done on the effectiveness of the Nature study.


Watching me.



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