Chickens and environmental disregard at the Splendour site.

Splendor in the Grass ……….. years on and the so called regulation is being disregarded.

And a comment from J Lazarus, once one of our better Councilors, is worth reading.

Press Release Byron Shire News Jan 21 2016

The Byron Shire News Jan 7 front page and story and photo about the Falls Festival “Dancing in the Dust” neglected to inform readers that the dust at the Parklands developers events will be getting worse.

The NSW Dept of Primary Industries Office of Water has now stopped the developers unlawful dust suppression extraction of water from the local waterways, and have prohibited further waterway extraction. The adverse environmental impacts of on the adjacent gazetted Wetlands and Nature Reserve waterways, is never likely to be known, as the developers continue to annually breach development Consents with little response from the State Govt.

At Splendour 2013, State Government Dept of Planning (DoP) staff have witnessed the sites overflowing sewerage and greywater, and witnessed rubbish being cleared out of waterways, but have taken no action, ignoring such site and waterway pollution breaches by dismissing them as minor. DoP staff have taken no Breach of Compliance action on blatant environmental breaches, such as the sediment pollution waterway breach identified in the Developers latest annual Report, which appears to dismiss any developer responsibility for the pollution breach, saying that the collapse of sediment traps was due, on a site that has identified high hazard flooding, to the impacts of a flash flood.

Will the noise spill of up to 10 km away from the recent Falls be again addressed by further fines? They have been fined twice for noise breaches, but only after the local residents were forced, by State Govt inaction, to provided the facts of the noise breaches by paying about $15,000 of their own money to get independent noise monitoring. While residents were forced to spend $15,000 to identify the breach, the State Govt only issued a $1,500 fine on the first breach, and a $3,000 fine on the second, treating the breaches as a development consent breaches, rather than a noise pollution breaches under the Environmental Protection Act (which has capacity of fines of up to $5,000,000).

The latest Falls event has also had Breaches of its Consent raised (by Conservation of North ocean Shores with the DoP), on camping, rubbish and provision of alcohol. But it appears this developer can breach environmental legislation and development consents as it is a “trial consent”. They can just fix things up for the proposed post “trial” permanent consent.

While few residents would deny young people the capacity to have a big weekend of letting their hair down, this site is not where it should be happening. You cannot avoid massive environmental impacts from a larger-than-shire population in this identified wildlife corridor adjacent to wetlands and Nature Reserve. Nor can you avoid the inherent off site anti social activity that is associated with gatherings of up to 30,000+ revellers.

The first big forest protests in the world happened in the 1970’s in the hills behind Byron, in an era where there was no environmental legislation, and no Environment Ministers in any world government (only Resource extraction Ministers). By the end of the 20th century every world govt had an environment Minister and every large business had an Environmental Statement. We know the issues. We now have more access on our home computers to the data on the state of the environment than at any time in the history of this planet. We have spent the last 45 years getting the facts of the planets environmental functions on to the table. We now need to spend the next 45 years putting that knowledge into action.

The Splendour /Falls event site has to go. This event site is one of this Shires biggest environmental threats, and a major Shire driver of thousands of tonnes of greenhouse gas pollution. If the State Govt wont accept the facts of this destructive 5 year Trial, then there is no reason for this environmentally unsound development, with its massive associated greenhouse gas pollution, not to be treated as another Bently, and I am sorry, but those that want this sort of entertainment will have to go elsewhere to a more benign site.

Irrespective of the dubious employment and financial figures, the employment and money generated by this site are secondary considerations. The survival of our warming planets’ environmental capacity to support life (including us humans) is now at a critical stage, and this 5 year Parklands ‘Trial’ development Consent has proved that it is a major threat, and has proved that it needs to be shut down.

John Lazarus

Our own doof experience in the valleys is another complete disregard to the environment and the poor humans that need to sleep. They can go for over 24 hours and the doof doof base beat infiltrates ones whole body.








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