Greens Richard Di Natale in Mullumbimby …..29th April.

We have had such a phenomenal response to our campaign launch and our guest speaker, Greens leader Richard Di Natale, that we have had to move to a larger venue to pack everyone in!! As much as we would have liked to support the Brunswick Picture House, it was just not large enough for the hundreds of supporters that have RSVPd.

The launch will now be held at the Mullumbimby Civic Memorial Hall, 55 Dalley St, Mullumbimby. Please pass this change on to anyone you know that is coming. The new venue is just 11 minutes drive from the original venue. I really hope you can still attend because there is so much at stake this election.

The majority of polls claim we’re heading for a hung parliament. This means that with your support the Greens may very well hold the balance of power in the House of Representatives. Our actions today will make history. Not only could we get to decide who becomes Prime Minister, but also what the government agenda is for the next decade.

We need your help to make this possible.

Join us at our launch this Friday, to participate in our historic bid to turn Richmond Green. With our special guest, Senator Richard Di Natale, we will formally kick off our Federal election campaign. Come and hear Richard talk about the defining issues of this election, and how you can make a meaningful contribution to the campaign.

RSVP now!

I look forward to seeing you at the Civic Memorial Hall, for a fun night of speeches, local music and great company. Please wear as much Green as possible. We want to make this a visual spectacle!


Dawn Walker

PS – Our campaign isn’t funded by big business, if you can’t make the launch, can you make a donation instead? Donate here. Every bit helps.


Loud and clear to the Greens……………………..Round-up ( Glyphosate) has no place in our water, soil, air or our community. Real Green Core Cadets needed,

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