I planted Arrowroot a couple of years ago  and no-one wanted it.

I remember is was a common ingredient, in powder form, in my Mother’s kitchen. It was preferred as a flour in thickening of soups ect. Easily digestible, it was used commonly in baby foods and as a diet product. I also remember it being a remedy for upset tummy.


Above is the so called Queensland Arrowroot, ( Cannaceae) a monocotyledonous plant, native to the West Indies and cultivated in tropical Queensland. Its starchy rhizomes are purple in colour and mature after 8 months of growth. They are used for extracting their starch and can be eaten as a vegetable.

I will try baking some soon with Garlic and olive oil.


Getting the whole body working again in lantana work is far preferable than sitting on a computer.

Two mornings past I have slashed lantana and water vines from a rosewood and a red cedar to discover a variety of seedlings beneath. Mainly rosewoods and bangalows. Its exciting to see.  To transplant some of them is on the agenda this week.


The above photo is a red cedar which was a tiny transplant from  beneath the parent tree below 18 months ago.


Life thriving in Zone 3 regeneration site.



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