Today, we’re releasing a new report on the science of pesticides and children’s health. The findings are sobering, and highlight the urgency of building a food system that relies less on health-harming chemicals.

We invite you to download, read and share our Kids on the Frontline report.

Children and pesticides don’t mix, and ever-stronger science shows exactly why this is true. Exposure to these chemicals, even at very low levels, can seriously undermine a child’s health.

Check out this powerful new report — then share it far and wide!

The science linking pesticide exposure to childhood cancer and altered brain development is particularly strong. And while kids in communities across the country are exposed to pesticides in various ways, those growing up in rural, agricultural communities often face a “double dose” from pesticide drift, water contamination and more.

Download Kids on the Frontline today. The science linking pesticides with childhood health harms just keeps getting stronger. It’s time to invest in a system of food and farming that doesn’t put children’s health at risk.


So I am going to plant more trees after reading this.



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