Worth a try.

During the last week I have been told and heard on talk-back on Radio National that turmeric has helped people suffering lower back pain. Then this morning I was sent this from the EAST LONDON Garden Society so I thought it worth posting. For my knee vulnerability I use a nightly foot bath with Epsom Salts which has almost eliminated nightly knee pain.


Cooking in a Different Way ‐ Juice Recipe to Rid Pain.

If you are experiencing pain in your joints, legs and spine, you will find this juice recipe useful. Consumers of juice that includes higher amounts of raw, natural food in their diet, claim they experience pain relief meaning the need to take prescriptive medicines or visit their doctors has become infrequent.

With the help of this juice recipe, which is packed with many healing ingredients you will be able to lower the inflammatory response and feel improvement in inflammatory bowel disease, acne, sinusitis, arthritis, psoriasis, rosacea, osteoarthritis, as well as many others.

Turmeric has the ability to lower the level of histamine in the system leading to the reduction of inflammatory processes. Ginger is packed with substances known as gingerols, zingerones, shogaols and paradols which have the ability to fight compounds that trigger pain.


  • One peeled orange
  • Two cups of pineapple
  • Two celery stalks
  • Two pears
  • One peeled lemon
  • One inch of fresh ginger root
  • Two inches of raw, organic turmeric root

Take all the ingredients and put them in a juicer. Mix them well and enjoy this healthy drink. You can also create a healthy smoothie.


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