Environmental Defenders Office.


Dear Don,

The NSW Government has just announced the biggest review of environmental laws in over 20 years and it is not good news for our State’s biodiversity.

We sent you a letter at the beginning of May asking for your support this end of financial year. It mentioned our recent court victory for the critically endangered Regent Honeyeater.

While on one front we are winning in the courts to save our precious wildlife from extinction, on another we are facing laws that remove protections for this same wildlife. We now need your help to get the word out about what these once in a life time changes to our environmental laws mean. The draft Biodiversity Conservation Bill, Local Land Services Amendment Bill, and land clearing codes are a serious backward step as they involve removing many of NSW’s long-held environmental protections.

It is vital that EDO NSW is able to provide expert, independent analysis of these laws but we need your help to ensure the information gets to those who need it.

As you read this, our lawyers are in rural and regional NSW, helping communities to understand what is proposed. They’re empowering individuals and community organisations to tell the government how they think our laws should protect and conserve our native plants and animals.

We’re also in Sydney, meeting with those making the laws and asking them to address our key areas of concern, including lowering the standards for environment assessment, relying on flexible and indirect biodiversity offsets, uncertain compliance, enforcement, monitoring and reporting, and just as importantly, the missed opportunity this provides for creating laws that will actually address the most significant threats to biodiversity such as land clearing and climate change.

Your donation will help us to ensure we can provide advice to as many people as possible.

Our work, and the work of the community, to protect our unique biodiversity is underpinned by strong environmental laws. But the current reforms fall a long way short of what is needed. The biodiversity reforms are just one of a suite of legislative reforms that EDO NSW is currently providing advice on. We need laws that will protect our biodiversity for generations to come. Right now, we need your help make sure that the current legislative reforms strengthen, not weaken protection for our precious environment.

Please donate to EDO NSW today.

Sincerely, EDO.


Planted 10 transplanted red cedars this afternoon and now its raining. That has made me happy.


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