Preparing turmeric for market.

Turmeric (Haldi) paste is used as a quick household antiseptic for minor cuts and wounds. Consumption of it is said to help purify blood and inflamed sinuses. Turmeric, boiled with milk and drunk last thing at night before sleeping is considered the best remedy for a dry cough. Mixed with water, it is used as a depilatory and its skin cleansing properties make it an ideal face mask when mixed with milk for an oily skin or with a cream for a dry skin. Turmeric is considered sacred for Hindus. Hindu women apply an auspicious dot of red powder (sindoor)  and one of turmeric on each others foreheads as a mark of respect, friendship and goodwill. Turmeric is still used as a dye to colour silk, cotton ,medicines, confectionary, paint and varnishes. Some laboratories use turmeric paper to test alkalinity.

Taken from The Indian Pantry……………..Monisha Bharadwaj.

My revised method of cleaning turmeric for market. Thanks to Victor for suggesting using the flood water.


Home preparation sees the drying of the rhizomes following being boiled for 45 minutes, drained and then dried in the sun for 10 to 15 days or until they become hard and dry. They are then cleaned, polished and ground into powder.


Turmeric flower. Last year one of the pawpaw trees developed a fungi problem. I layered turmeric leaves around the base, removed the infected leaves and part of the trunk which saw the tree recover to now be laden with fruit.


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2 responses to “Preparing turmeric for market.

  1. Dear don Very interesting thank you. I haven’t tried drying turmeric yet. Do you think I could dig it year round if I leave it in the ground? love Mary Fox (Avinashi Saraswati) ph (02) 6684 0469 or 0421 701 949 60 McPhails Rd, Wanganui P.O. Box 23, Mullumbimby, NSW 2482



    • Dear Mary…………my experience with leaving it in the ground has seen it rebound but with the core original rhizome decaying. Like most under ground plants it needs separating eventually but a year I have found is ok.

      best wishes in selling on……………..demand has grown from the cities after media coverage of its benefits.
      Love Don.


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